We are here to be of Service with dedicated Customer Service 7 days a week.

However, just in case your schedule is better suited to reading online;

we have prepared a few of the most Frequently asked Questions.

Please know you can always call or email us with any questions


What are your lobby hours?

Our lobby is open 7 days a week

Note: Each day we are closed from 12pm-2pm

Monday through Thursday     7am - 7pm

Friday                                       7am - 6pm

Saturday and Sunday             8am - 5pm


Do you have specific Drop off Hours?

Daycare does not have any specific drop off hours; it is at your convenience within our lobby hours

Boarding has standard drop off hours 2pm - 5pm; early drop off is certainly available to meet your needs

     Early drop off has exercise for your dog and costs $ 20

Premium boarding can drop off or pickup anytime within our lobby hours

Grooming drop off is between 8:30am & 9:30am; early drop off can be included with a Play/Stay and Groom


Do you have specific Pickup Hours?

Daycare does not have any specific pickup hours; it is at your convenience within our lobby hours

Boarding has standard pickup hours between 8am - 12pm; later pickup is certainly available to meet your needs

     Later pickup has exercise for your dog and costs $ 20 and we will care for your dog until we close for the day 

Premium boarding can drop off or pickup anytime within our lobby hours

Grooming pickup is usually between 2:30pm & 4pm however we will call you when ready; if combined with boarding or daycare it is within our lobby hours


Bordetella Vaccination (aka Kennel Cough Vaccine):  What do you require and when? 

Bordetella aka Kennel Cough Vaccine  

Answer 1:  If this is the first time your dog has had the vaccine OR it has been greater than three months since they had a booster -- THEN we require a five day incubation period before they participate in our services.  This is for the protection of your dog and all the other dogs in our care

      Answer 2:  If they are simply getting up to date and no lapse greater than three months has taken place then the Vaccination can take place the same day.


First Boarding Stay  - Packing Food, Meds:  What do you require?

We feed your pup exactly what you measure out, giving them the best chance for a stress free stay.  Same meals, same portion. 

Meals from home must be pre-portioned and packaged individually in "ziplock" type bags.  CAN food should remain in the can


Our house food is an option for $6 a meal.  We provide dog food that is human grade and grain free;  contains no by products or grains

Any Medications:  Please keep in original RX bottle if appropriate.  Ensure we are told exact dosage and timing.  Insulin is not a problem.  We have a double sign for all medications to ensure they are administered. 

Bedding:   We provide every pup with a Kuranda bed or an orthopedic bed for their comfort.  You are certainly welcome to bring their own bed however sometimes dogs will chew beds while boarding and we can't guarantee how the bed will be returned.