Whether your dogs' breed is one that needs a Bath Brush out, Full body trimming or simply a Clean and Refresh after boarding or daycare !

We are here to service you

Services from the Spa that are with every groom:

    Full body brush and comb (with reasonable dematting)
    Nails are trimmed using a Dremel Nail Grinder
    Ears are clean and plucked (if needed)
    Paw pads are shaved
    Anal glands expressed
    Hygiene clip
    Professional shampoos by Tropiclean.

I-smart Shampoo or oxymed oatmeal shampoo (an oatmeal based shampoo with anti-itch and moisturizing)

Full body trimming with scissors and clippers

Clean and Refresh:

Smell great and be brushed out clean !

    Complimentary after 3 nights of boarding
    Waterless Shampoo is applied
    Full body brush and comb (with minimal dematting)

If you wish a Groom instead of a complimentary Clean and Refresh, please let us know so we can schedule it. You will receive a $15 discount towards the groom