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By electronically signing this page, you are accepting all of the Coastal Canine Resort llc (referred to as CCR) Terms and Conditions of Service. You expressly agree that all of the provisions contained herein shall be in force and effect and shall apply to each and every occasion on which your dog is with CCR. *
1. You understand there are inherent risks associated with all the dog services we provide. These risks include both physical injury and the possibility of contracting communicable illness. You understand and agree that neither CCR nor any of its employees will be liable for any illness, injury, death, and / or escape of your dog. You hereby release CCR and its employees of any liability of any kind whatsoever arising from or as a result of your dog participating in our services. If you have chosen our sibling discounts, then you are expressly choosing to have CCR board your dogs together in a single suite and you specifically release CCR from all liability for whatever one sibling may do to another during overnight boarding.*
2. Payment for services. All services performed by CCR have fees. By bringing your dog to CCR for services, you agree to pay for all CCR future services you ask us to perform. You expressly agree to allow CCR to charge your credit card any time that you have asked us to leave the credit card on file for all future services or you can choose to pay in full for services up front. CCR does not extend credit to clients and payment is due either with a card and signature on file or paid in full upfront when the dog is dropped off and future services are requested. In the event of nonpayment, you shall be additionally liable for, and shall remit CCR upon demand, any and all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees, filing fees and litigation expenses incurred by CCR in enforcing the terms of this agreement. Additionally, a surcharge of 15% will be added every 7 days to the amount owed. In accordance with NH RSA 437:19 and 437:20 all payments are due regardless of duration or reason for leaving CCR services. *
3. Emergencies, dog abandonment and a dog not within CCR’s control. You agree to keep an emergency contact on file with CCR. CCR agrees to contact you or your emergency contact in the case of any emergency. You expressly consent to having CCR handle the emergency in the best interest of your dog. If at any time your dog is not within CCR’s control, which is entirely within CCRs discretion, you will be notified immediately and required to pick up your dog. In accordance with RSA 437:19 and 437:20 this is for the safety of all dogs and CCR team members. Additionally; any dog not picked up at the agreed upon scheduled checkout date, or when requested to do so, will be considered abandoned after 72 hours and a certified letter will be mailed. It is your obligation to keep CCR informed of any changes to your schedule as well as have you or your emergency contact pickup your dog if CCR is not able to control them.*
4. Veterinarian Care & Admittance - You authorize CCR to seek veterinarian medical attention for your dog should they require it. Including, but not limited to, the death of a senior dog. You expressly agree to assume any and all expenses for veterinarian care and your credit card on file will be charged if so. You agree to allow CCR to determine when a visit to the Veterinarian is necessary or if it is something that can be addressed at CCR by its staff. Including but not limited to – fleas, unhealthy coat, nails, scrapes, scratches. You certify that your dog is in good health, with no contagious illness and has no record of causing injury to another animal or human. CCR, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse admittance to any dog that does not meet our health, temperament or other standards for keeping all dogs and CCR staff safe. *
5. Lobby Hours -- Drop off and Pickup Times & Early or late fees – Times do vary based on the services offered – this is specifically to keep all dogs safe that are in our care. We need ample time to clean before a new customer arrives. Grooming dogs must be picked up within 2 hours of being called or a $10 fee will be assessed. Standard boarding dogs must be picked up by 12pm or dropped off after 2pm or there is a $19 fee for service Premium boarding may come and go anytime within your lobby hours. Lobby Hours: Monday - Thursday 7am - 7pm, Friday 7am-6pm Sat and Sun 8am-5pm with everyday lobby closed between 12n-2pm. You also understand that CCR has lobby hours and maintains a professional staff. The Lobby will be staffed during specific hours and ready to welcome you. Please know we care for dogs 24 x 7x 365 - we have on premise support. However as a customer your point of entry in CCR is the lobby. The lobby hours for any holidays will be posted in advance You understand the lobby door will be locked promptly at the close of business for each time period. At the end of the day, if your dog is schedule for pickup and you are late, our team will wait up to 15 minutes from the time of close of business and there will be an afterhours late fee of $15. After which time, your dog will be boarded, meals will be served to your dog with the in-house. This cycle will continue until your dog is picked up. *
6. Deposits – Guarantee of reservations and Refunds. You understand the following for refunds of prepaid packages, cancelling or guarantee of a reservation. 1. Boarding for 6 + nights or during holiday/vacation periods -- requires a $100 deposit 2. Boarding for 1 – 5 nights requires a one night deposit related specifically to the type of boarding 3. Boarding reservations require a 48 hour cancellation and if so the deposit is fully refunded 4. Boarding during holidays (vacation) requires a 5 day cancellation and if so deposit is fully refunded 5. All prepaid daycare or boarding packages are non-refundable *
7. FOOD and Belongings from HOME. Food must be bagged in pre-portioned individual bags: You understand that CCR will provide precise care when feeding your dog. Your dog will do best if fed the appropriate amount of food daily. Food from home is most welcome and when bringing from home they must be packaged in INDIVIDUAL “ziplock type” bag portions – please leave can food in the can with your dogs name on the side – we can spoon out the portions you request no problem. This must be for each meal, for each dog, for each day. If you provide us with food that is not pre-proportioned and therefore require us to bag it for you, then there is a $3 service fee per day, per dog (this fee is not related to canned food). In House Meals are an OPTION at $6 fee for each meal. Our in house food is highest quality human grade (no by-products). Food from Honest Kitchen. Part of our house diet is also human grade poached chicken, canned chicken, beef, rice, green beans and sweet potatoes You certainly may bring belongings from home for your dog to have smell and comfort however CCR is not responsible for the integrity of the items being returned to you – as your dog may chew or destroy the personal belongings while in their suite.*
8. Additional Limitations, Medications & Admittance. You agree to make lobby staff aware of any previous dog or human bites or fights, injuries, medical ailments or physical limitations that allows us to evaluate your dog for care. Female dogs in heat are not able to participate in any of our services until their cycle is complete. All medications or supplements require a complete detail of dosage and RX container. There is a either $1 or $3 dosage fee depending on the complexity of the medication or supplement (ie pill versus injection) *
9. Vaccinations and Injuries during services. Required proof of up to date vaccinations include Rabies, Kennel Cough and Distemper. You agree that if your dog was confirmed to have caused an injury to another dog you may be asked to communicate with the injured dogs’ owners. Confirmation of cause is at the sole discretion of CCR staff and private video records. Any services with dogs could result is minor or serious injury whether respiratory or otherwise. *
10. Photos and changes to these terms and conditions for service. Any photographs or video recordings of your dog or yourself at CCR remain property of CCR and may be used in marketing or promotional materials. Please contact the staff, in writing, if you do not want to participate. Any changes to these terms and conditions for service is at the sole discretion of CCR, it is CCR responsibility to keep all policies up to date and available via the CCR website or in hard copy via the lobby. Hours, prices and policies are subject to change*

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