NH's top-notch Dog Boarding * Daycare * Grooming; we lavish your pup with fully interactive care; safe and awesome... every day. CLICK "Gallery" to see all of today's pics

Dog Boarding

Dog Daycare

  • Our daycare is on 7500 sq of pet turf outside and 4000 sq ft indoors
  • Temperament testing is free, available Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 11:30am
  • We treat each dog awesome; big, little, young and senior.  They all need intellectual stimuli

Dog Grooming

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Safe, Healthy and Happy dogs are our only purpose.

Service is our only product.

Excellent individualized service for both you and your dog.

Just a few of our amazing features: Safety ID collars, online software for managing your purchases and packages and mostly an amazing team of people who want to be here and the dogs know it!

Grooming is done with a certified groomer, professional tools and always attended.   It can be separate from Daycare or Boarding.  Whatever fits your schedule best.