Striving for top-notch excellent service for you and your pup - every day


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Lisa Urdanoff worked for 20 years in high technology, covering software, hardware, video and VOIP, both in startups and medium sized companies. She holds a degree from Southern NH university in Management Information Systems. After raising her two sons to college age, she knew she needed to search for a new challenge. She believed there was a big need in the NH Seacoast area for a high-quality dog facility and as with most things, necessity is the mother of invention. With the assistance of her furry best friend, a Hungarian Puli named Ciggy, she researched dog facilities and equipment across the country and Coastal Canine Resort emerged right here on the site of a kennel that had existed for 41 years.  Having updated the entire 11000 sq ft facility and added 7500 sq ft of pet turf, Coastal Canine is now a state of the art disinfected dog facility.  Having an awesome facility was not the only key component: in order to provide great service you need a great team of people to do so.  She is extremely proud of the team of individuals here.  They make it an amazing, clean, safe and fun place.  A place she brings her own dog to be looked after with care and love.  

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Roy Urdanoff, Ciggy’s other parent, has had a 30-year career working in Finance with both start-ups and companies in the bio-pharmaceutical industry.   After receiving his MBA from Columbia University in the City of New York, he worked in investment banking and the bio-pharmaceutical industry, starting a laboratory testing company that was sold to Corning.  Since then he has worked full-time as a consultant to both start-ups and laboratory companies, and also started a real estate business.  A lifetime dog-lover, Coastal Canine is his first venture into a consumer business, and he finds he enjoys it very much. 

The Coastal Canine Team:  

A team of full time individuals working together to provide excellent service for dogs and their humans.  At Coastal Canine Resort we strive to build and keep the best of the best working here.  Each person is selected for their ability to treat each other (and the dogs) with care and respect because we believe the DOGS know ! Therefore the dogs act and feel their best when humans interact well with each other.  Our team has proven "stick to-itiveness" and we are proud to have them here: with a BA in English, BS in Animal Science, AS in Animal Science, BA in Communications, BA in Social Work, Certificate in Grooming and a Certificate in Dog Behaviour.  With purpose and values lead by team leaders we know SERVICE is our only product and we are proud to have your pup run "back in" to have us provide it. 

Customer Service Team Leader

Krysta Boucher spent many years building her skills in the hospitality industry, both with customers and behind the scenes.  She is passionate about being of service and delivering the best to each and every pup and customer. She has an uncanny knack for remembering every leash at pickup!  

Support Team Leader

Samantha (Sam) Smart is very intersted in each and every dog and how to integrate them into our daily activities. She worked for years in the hospitality industry before deciding to become educated in dog behaviour.  Sam is a Certified Dog Handler / Behaviour.  Her inner strength and passion for keeping the dogs safe and happy comes through daily.

Grooming Team Leader

Tia Lloyd has been grooming for 22 years and holds a certificate in grooming from the Great Lakes Dog Grooming Acedemy in Ohio.  Her skills as a groomer are matched with a very calm demeanor - assisting your pups' comfort level during their groom.  She applies her work experience from Aspen Kennels and Stillwater Kennels here to make a smooth transition for all dogs.  Her compassionate nature matched by her skills are a great asset to the team.