Information we need to service you and your dog:

You can get started quickly online (see below)    or    call us (603)964-8514 and we will gladly gather the info needed while on the phone.

Quick steps to create your account with us:

# 1) Click here to enter info about you and your dog.

# 2) Click here to approve of our Terms of Service

# 3) Vaccinations proof:  when you fill out the account, enter in your Veterinarian information.  We can call them for verification or you can upload a file to your own account or they can fax it to us

# 4)  If you want to reserve a boarding right away; that is great.  You can do it online if you wish by placing a deposit with your CC# or purchase a boarding package to secure the boarding spot.

If online is not for you, no worries.  You can also fill out regular paper forms.  Below are the forms you can download & print at home or we are happy to provide them in the lobby. 


Boarding Late Pickup or Early Drop-off:  We strive to make each time of service for your dog clean, safe and comfortable.  Just like a hotel, we need to have ample time to clean the accommodations when one guest leaves before the next arrives -- that is why our drop off hours begin in the afternoon and pickup hours end in in the morning. For economy boarding, if your plans require an earlier drop-off or later pickup (within our lobby hours), then there is a $20 fee and we will certainly take great care of your dog.

Our Premium Boarding is setup to offer full convenience of  drop off and pickup at any time during our lobby hours (at no extra charge).





Pickup and Drop Off Hours